Providing health care to your animal family members, and you too!

Providing health care to your animal family members, and you too!

Providing health care to your animal family members, and you too!Providing health care to your animal family members, and you too!Providing health care to your animal family members, and you too!

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Chiropractic is a natural health care modality that impacts the health of the being by improving the spinal health, and thus the nervous system function so that the brain and body can properly communicate. This allows the body to live in increased harmony with itself and the environment. Dr. Brian is a licensed chiropractor in California with formal training in animal chiropractic and maintains a national certification by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA).



Reiki is an ancient healing modality which focuses on the spiritual health of the being. The health of the body and mind is seen as a reflection of the spiritual health. Reiki is a means of improving the spiritual health and allowing that to reflect through the body and mind. Dr. Brian is not only a trained and experienced Reiki Master Healer, but is also an Ordained Minister. 


Intuitive Services

Intuitive abilities can vary greatly from one person to another. Dr. Brian was gifted with a deep empathic ability from birth. It has translated into a profound ability to tap into a deep understanding of both animals and people. As a result, many people consider him an animal communicator. He helps his clients develop a deeper understanding of their animals, as well as themselves. 

Where I will be:

I spend time in different areas of the country including Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. Depending on my availability I can see your animals and you for spiritual healing, or I can see your animals for Chiropractic with pertinent authorization from your veterinarian. 

*I hold a valid Chiropractic license in California. Therefore, I can only perform Chiropractic adjustments outside of California on your animal with a prescription or supervision from your veterinarian depending on your state's laws.

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What People are Saying

Brian D., Livermore, CA

“The results we’ve seen are beyond our wildest imaginations!”

Stephanie H., Mulberry, FL

“We spent nearly 6 weeks having the farrier and two vets look at him [my horse] and no one could figure out why he was lame. After calling Brian, he was able to tell where the pain was coming from and we were able to fix it!”

Michelle R., Paso Robles, CA

“I believe she [my horse] would pass a lameness exam now. She hasn’t been sound enough for that in the over 7 years that I’ve owned her!”

Trina D., Florida

“We knew something was going on with her [our horse] so the first thing we thought was we need to call Brian and have him ask her.”

Michelle C., Pleasant Hill, CA

“I keep coming back because you get results.”

"Dr Brian is the most thorough chiropractor (horse or human) that I have ever used in 20 plus years of receiving adjustments."

Erin M., Lafayette, CA

"Thank you for the adjustment. My body feels so much better already!"