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Who is The Heartful Dog Healer?

Beginning as a small child, Dr. Brian, a licensed chiropractor, realized that there is more to a living being than the physical material that we see and touch everyday. It became evident at a very young age that all living beings, humans and animals alike, have a spiritual existence that is reflected through their bodies. The spirit is seen as the animating energy of the physical body. Although some views of health simplify it down to an optimally coordinated function of all the "working parts" of the body, Dr. Brian sees this as only a portion of what it means to be healthy. To be healthy means to have optimal spiritual health, mental health, emotional health, and physical health, although physical health is usually a reflection of the other three. 

Dr. Brian views the dog, and any animal, as a spiritual being who's body is a mere reflection of the spirit animating it. Therefore, when he sees ailments show up in their body he maintains a holistic view of the dog to understand if there is a deeper spiritual connection with the ailment. Treatments should always consist of appropriate consideration of the physical body and equally the spiritual. 

The name "Heartful Dog Healer" represents Dr. Brian's commitment to the heart connection with the spiritual part of himself and all beings. Through his heart connection he is able to bring a truly holistic approach to healing dogs. He is not only a chiropractor, certified by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA), but is also a Reiki Master Healer, and an Ordained Minister.

Some of the services offered are chiropractic, Reiki, spiritual coaching, and intuitive services including animal communication. All of these services except chiropractic can be performed remotely.

As a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Brian is required by law to only provide chiropractic care to your dog under the direct supervision of your veterinarian. 

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"Dogs and humans have been partners in life for thousands of years, and being able to help each work together more harmoniously is a deep honor." Dr. Brian Renner, DC, BS, AVCA, ARMRIT

To find out if he can help your dog, email Dr. Brian at

Where I will be:

I spend time in different areas of the country including Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. Depending on my availability I can see your animals and you for spiritual healing, or I can see your animals for Chiropractic with pertinent authorization from your veterinarian. 

*I hold a valid Chiropractic license in California. Therefore, I can only perform Chiropractic adjustments outside of California on your animal with a prescription or supervision from your veterinarian depending on your state's laws.

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What People are Saying

Brian D., Livermore, CA

“The results we’ve seen are beyond our wildest imaginations!”

Stephanie H., Mulberry, FL

“We spent nearly 6 weeks having the farrier and two vets look at him [my horse] and no one could figure out why he was lame. After calling Brian, he was able to tell where the pain was coming from and we were able to fix it!”

Michelle R., Paso Robles, CA

“I believe she [my horse] would pass a lameness exam now. She hasn’t been sound enough for that in the over 7 years that I’ve owned her!”

Trina D., Florida

“We knew something was going on with her [our horse] so the first thing we thought was we need to call Brian and have him ask her.”

Michelle C., Pleasant Hill, CA

“I keep coming back because you get results.”

"Dr Brian is the most thorough chiropractor (horse or human) that I have ever used in 20 plus years of receiving adjustments."

R. Porter, Concord, CA

"I don't know what you did last time but our dog is 90% brand new now!"